Where To Buy Garden Furniture

Where To Buy Garden Furniture

Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor space with some stylish and functional furniture? Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a cosy balcony, the right garden furniture can transform your outdoor area into a relaxing haven for lounging, dining, and entertaining.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of garden furniture, exploring the different types available, key factors to consider when making a purchase, and where you can find the perfect pieces to suit your needs. From wooden and metal furniture to plastic and wicker options, we’ll cover it all, helping you make an informed decision that complements your space and lifestyle.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your outdoor living experience, join us as we navigate the world of garden furniture and discover the benefits of buying online.

What Is Garden Furniture?

Garden furniture, also known as outdoor or patio furniture, encompasses a range of accessories and seating options designed to enhance outdoor living spaces with both comfort and style.

These types of furniture include durable and weather-resistant materials such as rattan, wicker, teak and aluminium, providing options for various design preferences and climate conditions. From lounge chairs, dining sets and parasols to fire pits and outdoor sofas, garden furniture plays a crucial role in creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces. It contributes to the concept of outdoor living by offering a blend of relaxation, entertainment and aesthetic appeal, transforming gardens, patios and terraces into stylish and comfortable retreats.

What are the different types of garden furniture?

Garden furniture comes in various types, each offering unique material compositions, designs, and characteristics to suit diverse outdoor settings and preferences.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden garden furniture exudes a timeless charm and natural appeal, offering a range of seating options, tables, chairs, and benches designed to complement outdoor settings with a touch of rustic elegance.

The inherent warmth and richness of wood make it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Its sturdy construction and ability to withstand varying weather conditions make it a durable option for long-term use. Regular maintenance, such as applying protective coatings and ensuring proper cleaning, can prolong the lifespan of wooden furniture.

The natural grain and texture of wood add a unique and welcoming aesthetic to outdoor spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and gatherings.

Metal Furniture

Metal garden furniture presents a modern and durable outdoor seating solution, with a variety of tables, chairs, and benches designed to withstand various weather conditions while adding a contemporary touch to outdoor spaces.

Constructed from materials such as aluminium, wrought iron, or stainless steel, metal furniture boasts exceptional weather resistance, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its sleek and versatile design allows for a seamless integration with different styles of outdoor decor. The durability of metal furniture ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for gardens, patios, and outdoor lounging areas. The ability to customise metal furniture with cushions and upholstery further enhances its comfort and visual appeal.

Plastic Furniture

Plastic garden furniture offers a lightweight and budget-friendly outdoor seating solution, available in a variety of designs, tables, chairs, and benches, ideal for practical and cost-effective outdoor decor.

The affordability of plastic furniture makes it a popular choice for both home-owners and businesses looking to furnish their outdoor spaces without breaking the bank. It’s also highly weather-resistant, requiring minimal maintenance, and is easy to clean, making it an ideal option for outdoor use. The wide range of styles and colours available ensures that there’s a plastic furniture option to suit any outdoor aesthetic, from modern to classic.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker garden furniture embodies a combination of traditional grace and comfort, with a range of seating options, tables, chairs, and benches crafted from natural rattan or synthetic wicker, perfect for creating welcoming outdoor retreats.

The timeless appeal of wicker furniture lies in its durability and weather-resistance, making it ideal for outdoor use. Its lightweight nature allows for easy rearrangement to suit different gatherings and activities. The intricate weaving patterns and diverse colour options ensure that wicker furniture seamlessly complements various outdoor settings, from lush gardens to cosy patios.

Wicker furniture offers a unique blend of relaxation and style, providing a calming ambience for outdoor lounging and dining experiences.

What factors should be taken into account when purchasing garden furniture?

When purchasing garden furniture, factors such as budget, design preferences, comfort, and climate considerations play vital roles in making the most suitable selection for outdoor spaces, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Considering the budget is essential, as it determines the range of materials and styles available. Design preferences add a personal touch, whether it’s a modern, minimalist look or a rustic, traditional feel. Comfort is crucial for creating a relaxing outdoor retreat. Climate suitability impacts the choice of materials, with weather-resistant options being ideal for outdoor furniture. Maintenance requirements should be factored in to ensure longevity and ease of care for the selected pieces.


The budget is a crucial factor when buying garden furniture, with many opportunities to find sales, discounts, and special deals to make the purchase budget-friendly while ensuring quality and style.

It’s always beneficial to keep an eye out for clearance sales, end-of-season discounts, and promotional offers, allowing you to acquire durable and aesthetic outdoor furniture without breaking the bank. When exploring budget-conscious options, be sure to browse through online marketplaces, where you may find exclusive deals and cost-effective solutions for your outdoor living space. By being strategic and patient in your search, you can discover affordable yet durable furniture pieces that will enhance the ambience of your garden or patio.


Considering the available space and outdoor living requirements is essential when buying garden furniture, allowing for a tailored selection of furniture that optimises comfort and functionality within the given space.

Understanding the specific needs of the outdoor area, such as the desired activities and the natural environment, guides the choice of furniture. For example, a compact balcony may benefit from foldable or stackable furniture, while a spacious patio can accommodate a larger dining set. Weather-resistant materials and easy maintenance are crucial for enduring outdoor furniture. By carefully considering these factors, homeowners can create an inviting and practical outdoor living space that complements their lifestyle and enhances their enjoyment of the natural surroundings.


Climate has a significant impact on the durability of furniture, making it crucial to consider weather-resistant materials.

Weather-resistant materials such as teak, cedar, and aluminium are ideal choices for outdoor furniture as they can withstand various climatic conditions. For instance, teak is naturally resistant to rot, moisture, and pests, making it an excellent option for outdoor pieces exposed to rain and humidity. Likewise, aluminium furniture is lightweight and resistant to rust, making it suitable for coastal areas where salty air can corrode traditional metals. By choosing materials designed to withstand specific climate challenges, furniture can maintain its quality and aesthetic appeal for years to come.


Prioritising comfort is key when buying garden furniture, offering an enjoyable outdoor living experience with well-designed seating options that cater to individual relaxation and social gatherings.

The design attributes of outdoor furniture play a crucial role in creating a welcoming ambience. From plush cushions and ergonomic designs to weather-resistant materials, these elements contribute to an inviting outdoor space. Seating options such as loungers, sectionals, and dining sets provide versatile choices for different activities, whether it’s unwinding with a book or hosting a barbecue. Their contribution to an enhanced outdoor living experience is evident in the lasting memories created during leisurely moments spent in the garden.

Where can you purchase garden furniture?

Garden furniture is available for purchase from various sources, including local garden centres, online retailers, and furniture shops, each offering a diverse selection with options for delivery, assembly, and warranty coverage, often accompanied by customer reviews and ratings to aid in the decision-making process.

Local garden centres usually provide a hands-on shopping experience, allowing customers to see and touch the furniture before making a decision.

Online retailers offer the convenience of browsing through a wide range of options from the comfort of home, with delivery services that can bring the chosen items directly to the doorstep.

Furniture shops often have showrooms where customers can visualise how the pieces might fit into their outdoor space, as well as providing assembly services and extended warranty coverage to ensure customer satisfaction.

Local Garden Centres

Local garden centres serve as convenient hubs for purchasing garden furniture, providing personalised service, on-site viewing, and options for delivery and assembling to facilitate a seamless buying experience.

They offer the advantage of personalised attention, where staff can assist in selecting the perfect pieces to complement your outdoor space. On-site viewing allows customers to see the furniture in person, ensuring its quality and suitability. The convenience of delivery and assembling options means that customers can enjoy a hassle-free process from purchase to placement in their garden, making local garden centres a preferred choice for those seeking a tailored and convenient shopping experience.

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer an extensive range of garden furniture options with the convenience of online shopping, home delivery, warranty coverage, and valuable customer reviews and ratings to aid in the decision-making process.

These online retailers not only provide a diverse selection of garden furniture but also make shopping for these items hassle-free. The home delivery service ensures that customers receive their purchases at their doorstep, eliminating the need to transport heavy items. Warranty coverage provides peace of mind, offering protection against potential defects or issues. Customer reviews and ratings play a crucial role in guiding buyers toward products that align with their preferences and expectations, helping them make informed choices.

Furniture Stores

Furniture shops offer a varied selection of garden furniture, providing in-person viewing, expert guidance, and options for delivery and assembly, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored buying experience for outdoor furniture.

Being able to physically see and touch the furniture allows customers to truly assess the quality, comfort, and style. Expert guidance from knowledgeable staff members can help in making informed decisions and finding the perfect pieces to suit individual preferences and needs. The convenience of delivery and assembly options saves time and effort, ensuring a seamless and stress-free shopping experience.

Secondhand Stores

Second-hand shops present an alternative option for purchasing garden furniture, often featuring unique and cost-effective choices, with opportunities to find discounts and exclusive deals for budget-conscious buyers.

These shops offer a treasure trove of diverse options, from vintage pieces to modern styles, allowing customers to explore different designs that may not be readily available in traditional retail shops. Patrons can often take advantage of clearance sales and bundle deals, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of furnishing their outdoor spaces. By opting for second-hand shops, individuals can revamp their gardens without overspending, making environmentally-friendly and wallet-conscious choices.

What are the benefits of buying garden furniture online?

Purchasing garden furniture online offers numerous advantages for customers. The convenience of online shopping allows customers to browse a wide selection of garden furniture from the comfort of their own homes. Online retailers often offer competitive pricing, and customers can easily compare prices and features across various websites to find the best deal. Many online garden furniture retailers provide flexible delivery options, accommodating the needs and schedules of their customers. These benefits make online garden furniture purchases a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible option for anyone looking to transform their outdoor spaces.


Online shopping for garden furniture offers a convenient way to browse and purchase a wide range of options from the comfort of your own home.

You can easily compare different styles, materials, and prices, and then make a purchase without having to visit multiple stores. Many online retailers offer personalised delivery options, allowing you to schedule delivery at a time that suits you, and even provide assembly services for larger items. This makes it convenient to have your chosen garden furniture easily and professionally delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of transporting it yourself.

Broader Range

Online retailers provide a wider selection of garden furniture options, allowing customers to explore diverse designs, materials, and styles to find the most suitable pieces for their outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall buying experience.

The extensive range of choices available online enables customers to discover furniture made from various materials such as rattan, teak, aluminium, or even synthetic wicker, catering to different aesthetic preferences and practical needs. Online platforms often offer customisable options, empowering customers to select dimensions, colours, and upholstery to align with their unique outdoor decor and individual taste, resulting in tailored and personalised furniture solutions that may not be readily available through traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

Competitive Prices

Online garden furniture purchases often feature competitive prices, along with occasional discounts and exclusive deals, providing cost-effective options and potential savings for customers seeking quality products at favourable prices.

These budget-friendly options enable shoppers to furnish their outdoor spaces with stylish and durable furniture without breaking the bank. The cost-effective nature of online purchases allows customers to shop around for the best deals and take advantage of seasonal discounts and special offers, ensuring that they can achieve the ideal outdoor living spaces at an affordable price.

Delivery Options

When purchasing garden furniture online, the flexibility of delivery options is a crucial aspect to consider.

Customers often appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule a delivery time that suits their availability, avoiding the hassle of waiting around for extended periods. In addition to flexible delivery, many online retailers also offer assembly assistance, allowing customers to enjoy their new furniture without the stress of putting it together themselves. This level of convenience can make the online shopping experience more seamless and enjoyable, providing an added value that sets online purchases apart from traditional in-store shopping.

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